What is BPS?

The Basic Payment Scheme is an annual grant that provides financial help to eligible farmers and agricultural businesses across Scotland.

Who is eligible for BPS?

Fund recipients are subject to a number of criteria before being deemed eligible. Amongst other conditions, applicants must:

– Be farmers

– Be using permanent pasture land or participating in greening

– Have land entitlements as previously specified in the Single Farm Payment Scheme (SFPS) Note: BPS replaces SFPS. Those without entitlements under SFPS such as some young farmers should apply to the national reserve instead of BPS.

How can BPS help you?

BPS gives farmers financial support to carry out their agricultural practice. The scheme is divided into three categories, which take the quality of land into consideration:

  • Payment Region One
    Better quality agricultural land used for arable cropping, temporary grass and permanent grass.

  • Payment Region Two
    Rough grazing that:
    i) has a Less Favoured Area (LFA) grazing category of B, C, or D, or;
    ii) is outside the LFA

  • Payment Region Three
    Rough grazing that has an LFA grazing category of A

How to apply for BPS

Farmers must first submit a Single Application Form before claiming BPS. Claims must be made on an annual basis.

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