Croft Registration

What is croft registration?

The Crofting Register is a public register that lists the details of individual crofts including their size, location, tenants and owners. It is operated by Registers of Scotland.

When Should I Register my Croft?

Registration is compulsory with certain ‘trigger events’ including Decrofting, Assignation and Division whilst voluntary registration of individual crofts or groups of crofts in a township is also encouraged.

Communities often come together to purchase land which houses crofts to be managed for the benefit of the local area. Arrangements of this kind also need to be registered.

Preparing a croft plan

As part of the registration process, owners should provide a clear and accurate description of the croft. A croft plan needs to show boundaries, measurements, scale and orientation, in alignment with ordnance survey (OS) guidelines. 

Croft registrations won’t be accepted without an adequate croft plan submission.

How we can help

Although you don’t need to work with a specialist to register a croft, many crofters find it helpful to receive guidance from an experienced rural consultant. 

We can help to explain the croft registration process and support individuals and community groups to make an application. We can also offer practical support with preparing an OS-compliant croft plan.

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