What is crofting?

Crofting is a uniquely Scottish system of land tenure. People who live and work on small crofts have the right to use them for farming and food production. But, to maintain those rights, crofters must agree to care for the land correctly.

What are the duties of a crofter?

Crofters are tasked with maintaining the land in accordance with set guidelines. They must continually cultivate the croft and must never let it fall into neglect.

Support with crofting

As a crofter, you’ll know that maintaining one or more crofts can be quite an undertaking. We can take some of the work off your hands, helping you to tend the land, caring for it correctly. 

Our consultants can offer both guidance and practical support, giving you the reassurance that your croft plans are viable and will accommodate your community’s structure.

Further support

It’s not just land maintenance that crofters need to think about. Registering a croft, selling it or planning for its succession all take time to organise.

With years of experience with crofting regulations, we can help you navigate the legal and administrative aspects of crofting, too.

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