Deer Management

What is deer management?

Wild deer play an important role in our natural ecosystem, but their numbers can also cause damage. Deer management initiatives help to control the deer population and other invasive species minimising harm to our natural landscape.

How does deer management work?

There are two forms of deer management: stalking and fencing.


Deer stalking is a common practice designed to reduce excessive deer populations. We only recommend this practice where necessary, and under humane conditions.


    Raising fences around key crop and grazing areas helps to keep deer populations out, reducing the harm caused to important areas of conservation and agriculture.

      Who we support

      If you’re a landowner or tenant experiencing issues caused by high deer populations, we can support you with deer management services. This is always done with the utmost sensitivity to the animals and the wider community, and fully compliant with government guidelines.

      We’ll also help you communicate your deer management activity with your local community, ensuring that they understand the reason for this practice. We can work on crofts, estates, farms and other land areas.

      If you have received a grant through a deer management scheme, you can use this to fund our consultation services.

      Why choose us?

      As highly experienced rural consultants, we make deer management simple and practical.

      We are passionate about sustainable and environmental initiatives. We avoid stalking wherever possible, but where necessary, it is carried out humanely and never to excess.

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