Using Drones For Agriculture​

Drone Surveys and Precision Farming

Innovations in drone technology are allowing farmers to enhance their approach to land management. Using high-resolution aerial imagery, you can detect problems and respond to them in real-time.

How can drones help you?

Drones can be used for many agricultural and land management purposes. Examples include monitoring livestock, assessing crops for disease, identifying damage, monitoring the presence of pests and invasive species, detecting weeds and responding to sudden weather changes.

The benefits of precision farming

Drones use very high-resolution live imagery, giving you precise insight into outdoor conditions as though you were there in person. 

This reduces the need to walk fields for monitoring, saving a lot of time and resources. Precision techniques are considered the future of farming. It’s a short-term commercial investment, designed to reduce overheads in the long term.

How we can support you

Using our keen understanding of drone technology, we can help you to set up your precision farming software and processes. We’ll help you choose the right equipment, show you how to use it and demonstrate how to survey your land for relevant indicators.

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