Sustainable land management
and monitoring solutions


Get help to protect Scotland’s rich natural landscape with insight and practical support from our experts in rural conservation.

Environmental management plans

Help for landowners and tenants to conserve the natural landscape. We offer sustainable guidance and practical support for the benefit of the planet and local communities.

Habitat monitoring

Identify trends within the land that you manage, so that you can respond to changes and challenges as they arise. Learning the makeup of your land helps you understand how to care for it.

Environmental monitoring

Assess land conditions to ensure they reach acceptable environmental standards. Discover the changes you can make to benefit the environment.

Agri-Environment Climate Scheme - AECS

Get support with better land management practices. Protect Scotland’s natural landscape and mitigate the causes of climate change.

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North of The Great Glen


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Here are some recent examples of our work across the Scottish highlands. While our rural consultation services take many forms, our projects are united by a common thread of expertise and care for the natural environment.