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Environmental Management Plans

What is environmental management?

Bespoke environmental management plans help landowners and tenants to conserve the natural landscape for the benefit of the planet and local communities.

Who is it for?

Anyone whose role it is to tend and care for land can benefit from an environmental management plan. We work alongside estate owners, landowners and tenants to maintain healthy and climate-friendly grasslands, forests and agricultural lands.

Those who have received a biodiversity improvement grant can use it to fund an environmental management plan. Learn about help with peatland restoration.

What are the benefits?

The UK countryside is alive with unique flora and fauna. To conserve and in many cases restore the natural landscape, healthy habitats must be promoted.

Environmental management plans help communities to improve the quality of their land by identifying beneficial changes including sustainable land management practices and the removal of invasive species.

Conservation initiatives not only benefit the environment and local communities; healthy lands also come with financial benefits, making an environmental management plan a forward-thinking investment.

How does it work?

Working with you and making use of our combined experience in environmental management, we’ll help you to develop a long-term plan for your land. We’ll conduct an assessment using habitat monitoring and environmental monitoring techniques. We’ll then lay out a practical framework for change.

The immediate impacts of environmental management strategies aren’t always apparent. That’s why we frequently monitor your land to make sure the plan is achieving the right results.

Learn more about our Environmental Monitoring service