Responsible Care For
Our Treasured Peatlands


Our peatlands are a rich resource in the fight against climate change. We’re working with land owners and managers to transform damaged peatlands to their natural state.

Peatland Carbon

Healthy peatlands capture CO² and protect our climate. Find out why it’s so important to restore and preserve them.

Peatland Code

The Peatland Code is a voluntary quality standard, making peatland restoration projects more marketable to commercial buyers. Receive support to achieve the standards of the Peatland Code.

Peatland Restoration

Peatland restoration projects reverse the damage caused by poor land management, drainage and harvesting, helping them to absorb rather than emit carbon emissions.

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Here are some recent examples of our work across the Scottish Highlands. While our rural consultation services take many forms, our projects are united by a common thread of expertise and care for the natural environment.