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Commercial consultation for
private projects on your land

Rural Services

Get help to reduce disruption to your land, ensuring that private projects are managed considerately and fairly. We can negotiate and liaise with commercial partners on your behalf.

Renewable energy projects

Guidance and support for renewable energy projects on your land. We’ll help you comply with developer and statutory body requirements whilst negotiating fair compensation.

Deer management

Protect the natural landscape around your land or estate. We’ll help you keep deer population levels under control using humane practices including fencing.

Wayleaves and disturbance negotiations

Negotiate fair compensation for commercial access to your land. Acting on your behalf, we’ll liaise with private companies to maximise value and minimise disruption.

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Take a look at our work

Here are some recent examples of our work across the Scottish highlands. While our rural consultation services take many forms, our projects are united by a common thread of expertise and care for the natural environment.