Get Fair Compensation For Land Access

Wayleaves and Disturbance Negotiations

If a company wants to buy access to your land, we’ll help you negotiate a fair price, maximising value while minimising disruption.

What is a wayleave agreement?

A wayleave agreement usually involves a landowner selling land access or right of way to a private company. 

Often, companies need to gain access to fields or private land to install cables or pipes. Wayleaves might also need to be obtained if a nearby property requires a service that involves access through your land, such as internet access.

A wayleave agreement is legally binding and usually ongoing.

How can we help?

Wayleaves can cause disruption to your land and related activities, so it’s only fair that you’re compensated accordingly. 

Our consultants can help you to negotiate a reasonable price for wayleaves, in proportion to the level of disturbance involved. 

We can also help you to outline conditions to your agreement so that disturbances are kept to a minimum.

Why Angus Davidson Ltd?

We have worked closely with landowners and companies on the negotiation of several wayleaves agreements. We know what a reasonable offer looks like, and how landowners in similar cases have been compensated. 

That means we can help you get a fair price for right of way, managing negotiations to obtain a good result on your behalf.

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