Nurturing Scotland’s Rural Landscapes

Angus Davidson LTD


Angus Davidson Ltd is a team of dedicated rural consultants. Based in the Highlands of Scotland, we have over a decade’s experience working with farmers and land managers to conserve, enrich and protect the natural landscape.

We Support Farmers Crofters Land Managers Land Owners Communities

We work closely with the people tasked with caring for our rural environment, offering guidance and insight to deliver projects that represent commercial and sustainable viability. From management and regulation advice to advanced mapping techniques, we collaborate to provide innovative solutions with impressive results.

We protect Biodiversity Habitats The Environment

With the preservation of Scotland’s rich natural environment a driving force behind everything we do, we are passionate about delivering sustainable initiatives. By transforming approaches to land management and monitoring, we can help farmers and owners to conserve and restore our nation’s natural resources.

We invest in Communities Ecosystems Our Homeland

We believe in giving back to our communities. By investing in education, regional skills development and social improvement schemes, we can create opportunities for people across the Highlands and rural Scotland.

Scotland’s natural ecosystems are our country’s greatest resources. Working with investors and landowners, we can protect biodiversity throughout Scotland, now and forever.

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Here are some recent examples of our work across the Scottish highlands. While our rural consultation services take many forms, our projects are united by a common thread of expertise and care for the natural environment.

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