What is CAGS?

The Crofting Agricultural Grant Scheme is a funding system for crofting businesses. It is designed to help cover the costs of crofting equipment and operations.

Who is eligible for CAGS?

To qualify for CAGS, claimants must be the owner-occupier, tenant or short-term lease-holder of a croft and live within 30km of it.

CAGS funding is specifically for projects that benefit crofts by reducing production costs, improving production, improving quality and preserving the natural environment, including hygiene and animal welfare standards.

It also seeks to promote the diversification of farm activities on crofting sites.

What can CAGS help you to do?

Depending on the location of the croft, CAGS can fund:

Between 40 – 80% of costs for individuals, and;
Between 60 – 90% of costs for groups

You could receive funding for livestock and farming equipment, raising agricultural buildings, and creating new crofting processes like drainage systems.

You could also use the funding to invest in land management, including soil analysis, to improve the quality of degraded land.

How can we help you with CAGS?

The team at Angus Davidson Ltd can help you to achieve the crofting standards necessary to be eligible to claim through CAGS.

Our experienced rural consultants can also help you with CAGS-approved projects, such as land management activities. Learn more about CAGS and how to apply.

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