What is CHGS?

The Croft House Grant Scheme (CHG) provides financial support for building and maintaining homes on crofts.

Who is eligible for CHG?

To preserve their crofting rights, crofters are required to live within 30km of their crofts, which can often be in remote locations. This can make access to traditional forms of purchasing and maintaining homes a challenge.

To receive funding from CHG, you must be a tenant or owner-occupier crofter, or a cottar.

You should also meet one of the following conditions:

  • Your current accommodation is insufficient to house you and your immediate family
  • Your current accommodation does not meet adequate standards
  • You currently live with your parents
  • You currently live in rented accommodation (including council housing)

How can CHG help you?

CHG can provide you with financial support for the building and maintenance of homes on crofts.

Financial assistance can help to cover the construction of a new home, or the rebuilding or improvement of an existing home.

Within a ten year period, you could claim:

Up to £38,000 in a high priority area
Up to £28,000 in a standard priority area

How to apply to CHG

Learn more about CHG and how to apply.

Make sure to familiarise yourself with the application criteria before submitting a CHG claim.

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