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Estate Ranger: Our Environmental Management Software

We’ve made it easy for estates to record and track field data

Many estates face challenges when recording real-time data about changing habitats and wildlife patterns. We’ve worked with mapping and land surveying specialists, KOREC, to develop a novel cloud-based system which helps estates with their field data capture workflow.

Empowering Peatland Restoration with Comprehensive Data Tracking

Our Estate Ranger software has a range of applications, not least the ability to track data related to the peatland restoration process. Being able to relay and share this data – such as information on how large the area is and the progress of the restoration process – is an essential part of being on the Peatland Code Registry. Estate Ranger makes it easy for landowners to create a database of accurate data for each peatland project, complete with photography and attribute information for individual data points.

The benefits of using Estate Ranger

  • Global Access: Access your peatland data from any location, anytime.
  • User-friendly: Estate Ranger is intuitive and ready for use from day one.
  • Preconfigured Data Sets: Includes soil and habitat types, geology, site designations, weather patterns, and more.
  • Real-Time Updates: Data is uploaded instantly via mobile network, keeping all users synchronised.
  • Worker Safety Features: Provides lone worker protection such as
  • Assistance Request and No Movement Detection.
  • Cost-effective Licensing: Simple single-user or site licences suitable for estates of all sizes.
  • Device Compatibility: Operates on Android/iOS or our bespoke, rugged hardware for enhanced accuracy.
  • Environmental Management Plans: Identify beneficial changes to enhance land quality and sustainability.
  • Conservation Initiatives: Aids the environment and communities while offering financial benefits.

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