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Environmental Monitoring

What is environmental monitoring?

Environmental monitoring is the process of assessing land conditions to ensure they reach acceptable sustainable standards. We can work together to make changes that benefit the environment.

What sort of things are covered in environmental monitoring?

Our rural consultants can help you to monitor the environmental conditions of your land, including shrub quality, habitat monitoring and species assessments including otters and water voles.

Over several months, we’ll routinely test for a number of factors, helping you to understand the changes you can make to improve your environmental credentials.

How does it work?

Environmental monitoring comes in two forms: Estate Level and Group Level

    Estate Level

    Estate Level environmental monitoring allows you to assess environmental conditions across an individual estate. This could be in just some key areas or estate-wide, depending on your requirements.

      Group Level

      Group Level environmental monitoring allows you to set goals across collective estates and land areas. This is best for organisations with multiple land developments, seeking to improve their sustainable credentials at scale.

        How can we help?

        We use a number of techniques to monitor the landscape and gauge its environmental status. We use both in-person assessments and photography monitoring.

        Following an extended period of assessment, we’ll discuss our findings and their implications. We can also help you to develop an environmental management plan to ensure the findings of the monitoring process lead to meaningful change.

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