Mapping your farm or croft

Solicitors Maps

An accurate map gives you a full understanding of the size of your farm or croft, helping you to receive the right funding under the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS).

The importance of mapping

Accurate maps are not only beneficial for giving directions, they also help to show the amount of land you are responsible for maintaining and therefore the level of funding you should receive under BPS.

New ways of registering maps mean yours might have changed since you last checked, with boundaries displayed incorrectly. You should make sure the information is accurate and logged with a solicitor.

Locating title deeds

It’s also essential that you have access to your farm’s title deeds, which demonstrate your rights to the land. Often, title deeds are kept as a physical copy with solicitors for safety. 

However, when solicitors close their firms, they can pass on records to an alternative company, meaning your title deeds may now be at a different location entirely. 

You should always be aware of your title deeds’ location and have copies to hand.

How we can help

The Angus Davidson Ltd team can support you by carrying out detailed mapping of your land holding. We’ll compare the current registered boundaries against original maps to identify discrepancies and question any changes. 

When completed, we can help you register your map correctly, so that you can receive your full BPS entitlement.

We can also help you to check and where necessary track down the location of your title deeds and obtain copies on your behalf.

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