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Our Peatland Restoration Innovations

Habitat Monitoring Innovations

At ADL Nature, we have grown quickly and taken on increasingly large projects thanks to our innovative approach and focus on making technology work to our advantage.

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Estate Ranger

Our collaboration with KOREC has led to the development of Estate Ranger, a game-changing cloud-based software for sustainable estate management. It empowers land managers to achieve their goals and promotes wildlife conservation. Estate Ranger offers customisable modules and pre-configured government data sets covering soil, habitats, sites, geology, woodland conditions, deer counts and weather patterns. The intuitive mobile app at the core of Estate Ranger enables on-the-go data collection and review, with offline data storage and automatic syncing once connectivity is restored.

Drone Technology

We are at the forefront of utilising drones for peatland restoration and monitoring, with potential applications in other land management areas. Drones enable us to survey peatlands before initiating restoration work and create high-resolution orthomosaics for comprehensive project assessment. By using drones for spectral analysis, we can track moss cover growth, providing tangible evidence of the positive impact of our restoration efforts. The use of drones benefits landowners and carbon credit investors by providing data and imagery that showcase active restoration on the site. Experience the cutting-edge potential of drone technology in peatland restoration.

How we use technology to our advantage

Two of our most significant innovations have been using drones in peatland restoration and monitoring, and developing our Estate Ranger software which lets estates capture real-time positional data related to changing habitats.

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