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With 1.5 million hectares of degraded peatland in Scotland, we aim to enable government and businesses to meet their climate goals transparently by restoring these ecosystems, while also bolstering local communities.

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Driving Peatland Restoration Sustainably

From the feasibility stage to aftercare and monitoring, we deliver Peatland Code-verified projects that represent true sustainability and commercial viability. We’ve been at the forefront of peatland habitat restoration since 2017, transforming traditional land management and monitoring approaches. We work with peatland owners to help them optimise their natural capital, and with carbon buyers who want to invest in transparent projects that they can see with their own eyes.

Preserving Scotland’s rich natural environment drives everything we do: we are passionate about turning our peatlands back into a net carbon sink. Once on the road to recovery, they will continue to grow, sequestering increasing volumes of carbon over time.

Our dedicated team of biodiversity experts is based in Inverness, in the Highlands of Scotland. Living within easy reach of the wild landscapes we work and play in makes us even more enthusiastic about protecting them.

Our Story

A rural consultant to trade, Angus Davidson founded his eponymous company in 2008. He began by working with crofters on land management and legislation, and over time the company has become increasingly focused on peatland restoration projects.

We completed one of Scotland’s first Peatland ACTION projects in 2017. Since then, demand has grown for our unique expertise. The ADL Nature team now comprises nine peatland restoration specialists who work on projects across Scotland. As a team, we’re grateful to work so close to home on projects that are having a significant impact on climate change and biodiversity loss.

Working and living in the Scottish Highlands means we are conscious of the positive impact peatland restoration projects can have on local communities. We use local contractors to carry out our peatland management work, ensuring the economic benefits flow through us to micro-communities across Scotland.

Meet our rural consultants

Professional, experienced and knowledgeable, our team of rural consultants can help you navigate any aspect of land management. Get to know the dedicated people who make up our team.