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Consultation and negotiation
for renewable energy projects

Renewable Energy Projects

Are you a landowner or belong to a crofting grazing committee? Have you been approached by a wind energy or hydropower developer who wants to use your land? We can help you navigate the process and negotiate fair compensation.

Criteria for project approvals

Granting renewable energy companies use of your land can be a lucrative prospect for crofting estate owners and private landowners. 

But before renewable projects can take place, many boxes need to be ticked.

Owners must demonstrate their land meets certain environmental standards to satisfy developers, and need to secure approval from statutory bodies like SEPA and NatureScot (formerly SNH).

How can we help?

If arranging a renewable energy project on your land seems like a lot to navigate, we can help. 

We will work with every stakeholder whilst acting as your representative, taking feedback, negotiating wayleaves, and providing consultative support for the project’s duration, in line with Scottish legislation.

Crucially, as your representative, we will help to negotiate a fair price for the use of your land, ensuring that you are well compensated by renewable energy providers.

Why work with us?

The Angus Davidson Ltd team has extensive experience representing private landowners, crofting landlords, tenants and Common Grazing shareholders in renewable energy negotiations.

With a strong understanding of each stakeholder’s requirements as well as Scottish government legislation, we are well placed to offer support and guidance. 

With our help, landowners, tenants and shareholders can expect a well-managed and commercially appealing renewable energy project.

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