What is SSBSS?

The Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme (SSBSS) gives financial support to specialist beef producers across the Scottish mainland and islands.

Who is eligible for SSBSS?

If you have ‘economic responsibility’ for a herd, including management, feeding, housing and veterinary care, you may be entitled to claim subsidy under the scheme.

Payment is made based on the number of calves you own or lease. The calves must be at least 75% beef bred, born on your holding and kept there for at least 30 days.

What can SSBSS help you do?

If you qualify for support from SBSS, your payment rate will match the number of eligible animals claimed through each scheme year.

The funding you receive should help you to carry out your economic responsibilities for the herd.

How can we help you with SSBSS?

The expert team at Angus Davidson Ltd can support you with the logistics and practical aspects of herd management.

We can also help you to submit an SAF, which you should do in the first instance before making an SSBSS claim. We can then help you ensure that you remain compliant with SSBSS conditions, to avoid facing funding cuts.

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