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What is SUSSS?

The Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme (SUSSS) provides financial support for sheep flocks in farm businesses. To qualify, a number of conditions need to be met.

Who is eligible for SUSSS?

Individuals, companies and partnerships can all claim support from this scheme.  

To be eligible, applicants must operate a farm business with a sheep flock in Scotland’s Basic Payment Region 3. They should also have ‘economic responsibilities’ for the flock, including management, feeding, housing and veterinary care.  

The scheme pays out in proportion to the number of young ewe hogs present in a flock, who must be home-bred. 

What support does SUSSS offer?

SUSSS provides financial support to manage and care for sheep flocks. 

The payment rate changes from year to year, but is dependent upon the number of young ewe hogs claimed. 

A flat rate is paid for each eligible animal (In 2020, for example, the rate was €67.12).

How can we help you with SUSSS?

Our knowledgeable team of rural consultants can support you with the management and logistics of upland sheep farming. 

We can also help you to remain compliant with the conditions outlined in the SUSSS scheme, so that you can avoid cuts to your funding. 

Find out more about the SUSSS scheme and how to apply.

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